{Capture Your Grief – 2017} Day #2

Day #2: Rise + Shine Mourning Ritual

Never been truer words.  In the early days, in your weakest moments, it takes work to get out of bed. You don’t feel strong enough to face the day. In those moments, I needed a routine, a ritual to help me build up the strength to get through each day.

Every morning, I got up and I ached. I ached because everything was new to my body, my mind, my heart. It hurt to move, to think, to love. The weight of my grief reminded me of the days when you first start working out. Each day I got stronger, my body able to carry the weight of grief.  There were days when I still felt weak. Then there were days when I thought I could handle more weight than I could.  I cried those days. My tears like a shower that washed the sweat off my body.  The next day I would start over and remind myself, it isn’t a race. There is no finish line.

As the years have passed, my strength has been built up. Rituals don’t always include tears. I often talk about Clara with a bold passion I never knew possible.  I still have moments of weakness, moments of guilt and fear. In those times, it is the reminder of our established rituals that keep me going and remind me of the strength that is deep within my heart.

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