Toddler {Thankful For} Fall Decorating Project

I spent way too much time on Pintrest but I found a fun way to decorate for the Thanksgiving season.  I thought it would help reinforce the nightly {thankful for} prayers that he and Lincoln do each night.  My three little ones were crazy about this project!!  I simply traced each of their hands on different colors of construction paper.  If you look closely I opted to use a single color for each kid and I used their “writing” hand.  I feel like it makes it personal and they can show friends and family their {thankful for} things. They each gave me ideas for their hands (well the baby needed a little help) and then they each took turns hanging them up.  When my older boys got home they were disappointed that they didn’t get to put hands up too. Fun for all ages I found!

Thankful for

Be Kind, Be Thoughtful, Be Genuine, but Most of all Be Thankful.


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