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Capture Your Grief – 2016 – Day #31


Halloween is always such a busy night in our home.  I often miss the sunset or opt to take a picture the day before.  This year I decided that I would finish the month with an image of the very same plant I started it with.  If you remember, day 1 was Clara’s last remaining funeral plant with it’s very first bloom in almost two years. As the month has progressed I have watched in awe as that bloom has grown and another has grown too.

I feel like it is so symbolic of this month’s journey and writings.  So much growth can happen in the right conditions.  Thank you to everyone who helped create those right conditions for my growth. Thank you for allowing me to share my wounds with you. Thank you for all the words of encouragement each day. This project always allows me to search my soul and find comfort.  Tonight I close this book and enjoy the pink sweetheart-shaped flowers that have experienced as much growth in this month as I have.  I will smile, sigh, and know that sometimes things like this are the best reminders that Clara’s spirit is still touching us when we need it most. <3



CarlyMarie Project 2013 – Day #30


It has taken much growth to know that no matter how tough the storm may be, life is not without risks. We can’t simply stand too afraid to continue our walk, raise our children, strengthen our faith. The memories we create everyday are worth the risk of possibly dealing with the loss of a child again. We grow with each passing day and will always remember our storm but we will also look back and be thankful for the time we had with Clara and the growth in our lives since she left.


CarlyMarie Project 2013 – Day #14


Our family has grown since we lost Clara. I had no idea that in 4.5 years of marriage I would have 4 kids!! We can never replace Clara and we wouldn’t want to. Each year we are blessed with the opportunity to get a family picture that includes Clara. We pray that we get this opportunity every year.

Thank you to Lach's Legacy for hosting the annual "Run for Their Lives!" 5K run/walk each year.

I thought I would also share the family picture below as well. I think the wall decal describes it so well…. Super Heroes & Fairy Tales. It is bittersweet when school picture time comes and we change them out. Each year 5 little faces change so much and 1 stays the cute princess face we can only dream about.

Family can mean so many things.  I would also like to include my “family” of SIDS and infant loss.  That family, sadly, continues to grow.  It is this family that listens and understands my grief.  I am proud to call all of you family.  I only wish that our group no longer had to grow and that no child had to leave this earth so soon.  God Bless you all!!