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#CaptureYourGrief – Day #18

Seasons & Symbols


It is no secret that spring is my season of comfort.  I once did a bible study about the desert times in our life. It reminded me of my time in deep grief, my winter.  Spring comes after winter, rains come after the dry seasons.  It brings new beginnings and new birth.  It reminds me of all the beautiful things that came from Clara’s passing.  Springs helps me focus on the little life we held for an entire season.  Spring is filled with newness and pink and yellow and Clara.

My symbol of Clara?  The pink flowers that bloom every spring near the time of her passing.  After Clara’s funeral we were given a tree to plant in memory of her.  The person who gave the gift was particular about this tree.  He wanted it to have pink flowers for our little girl.

We brought home an ornamental crab apple tree that blooms that most beautiful pink blossoms.  The delicate blooms are brief, lasting just a few days to a week. Several years the wind has blown like a lion. Some of the flowers fly away quickly while others firmly hold on. It reminds me of the brief time we held Clara and how firmly we hold onto our memories.

Last year when I did this project I wrote about the sadness I felt with moving from South Dakota to Iowa and having to leave her tree behind.  This May I was pleasantly surprised while doing dishes.  I looked out the window and saw those lovely little pink buds on the tree in our backyard.  In a matter of days pretty pink graced the tree. It wasn’t planned.  We didn’t know. It was a simple reminder that Clara is with us no matter where we go.  It touched us in a way that said, “I am here and you are meant to be here.”




God's Artistry

Clara passed away on the Tuesday after Mother’s Day. This year Clara’s tree began blooming  on the Tuesday after Mother’s Day.  Every year when it blooms it is windy & the blooms are ripped from the tree earlier than we would like.  A somber reminder that beautiful things are not permanent.

This year however has been a little different…  The wind didn’t last long and the delicate flowers are more cheerful than ever!!!  By weeks end her tree was in full bloom and a beautiful site.  We had a few people stop and comment as they were passing by.  <3

What a beautiful reminder of our baby girl!