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Capture Your Grief – 2016 – Day #12

Lemons + Lemonade

Lemons & lemonade was something that my husband talked about during Clara’s wake.  Since then we have always called things our Pink Lemonade.  My blog name, our team name for the run, even the logo for my business ties back to it.

For me the biggest lemonade is finding my gift for cake decorating.  You see our “rainbow baby” was born before we honored Clara’s first anniversary of her passing.  On the day that our “rainbow” was officially older than his sister, he was diagnosed with a lifelong medical condition.  It would require a major surgery before he turned one. What a basket of lemons!

After spending 21 days in Iowa City getting amazing care, we went home and celebrated his first birthday.  It was then that we realized how special birthdays really were.  Not every kid gets to celebrate them and there are so many more that fight like mad to see their next one.  We often assume that our kids will see tomorrow.  As parents we should be treating each day and especially each birthdays like it is their last one.  Life can change in an instant.

Everyday I am making a little lemonade in memory of my little girl.  My heart always has birthdays and especially first birthdays close to it.  I LOVE making them!  They show me that so many little ones that have made it through another year.  They give me a chance to create what I didn’t get to with Clara.  With every birthday cake I deliver, I make a wish for another year for the recipient and family.  With every baby shower and gender reveal cake, I make a wish for a healthy, loved baby who gets to see their first baby.  With every wedding cake, I wish for ease of fertility and healthy babies (if desired because there are couples that are happy baby free).

I am so thankful to have had the chance to find my caking talent.  Being able to use it in a way to honor Clara makes it even sweeter.  When Happy Cake Baker makes your cake you are getting so much more than a delicious cake and beautiful decorations.  You are getting a piece of my heart and a wish for another year.




#CaptureYourGrief – Day #16

Creative Grief


To so many “rainbows” refer to children born after the loss of another.  In that respect I have 2 rainbows… Lincoln and Haleigh.  I honestly have never referred to them as that though.  I never wanted them to feel second to the loss prior to them.  Not that that is how they might feel, I just really never felt they were a rainbow although they certainly brought joy and happiness.  My rainbow just came in the form of something else.  Cakes!

It was after Clara’s passing that I really got into cakes.   On her 1st birthday that I realized how lucky so many of us are to reach this milestone each year.  It was on her second birthday that I made a Barbie cake in her memory.  Each year I create another Barbie cake with a different dress.  It often reflects my ideas of what she might be into or have asked for.

In the loss I felt for both Clara’s life and the dreams I had for Lincoln an outlet grew.  I found the creative outlet for my grief and stress.  I had no idea that these cake skills were buried deep within me.

I have always suggested that the more stressed I was, the more heavyhearted, the better the cakes turn out.  Many of my most favorite cakes happen to also be 1st birthday cakes.  They remind me of just how special each of those families are.  I love seeing parents share pictures with their grinning birthday kid and their cake.  Those are memories they will keep forever!

I often get asked why I opt not to do many weddings.  It is, on all accounts, where all the money is.  I guess as my children get older and the thought of Clara’s missed wedding get closer I might shift my heart toward them.  Today though she would only be six and birthdays would be her big days.

Creativity will always be my rainbow.  My sunshine after the storms, my expression of love and grief.  I am forever grateful for the gift that was buried deep inside and for the opportunity to see it open and blossom.  It has become a way to share Clara’s memory with others.  It is a way to share in the celebrations of many that I miss out on with Clara.  It mends my heart.

“Rainbows introduce us to reflections
of different beautiful possibilities
so we never forget that pain and grief
are not the final options in life.”
― Aberjhani


Day #17 Birthday-Anniversary

The 1st Barbie cake created in memory of Clara.

Clara's 6th Birthday cake - Jan 2015

Clara’s 6th Birthday cake – Jan 2015

Clara's 5th Birthday cake - Jan 2014

Clara’s 5th Birthday cake – Jan 2014







The CarlyMarie Project – Day #9

                                    In Memory


Over the years we have done so many things in memory of Clara.  One year we made shadow boxes for the kids, another year we planted a tree, and every year we have chosen a little girl, the same age as Clara would be, from the angel tree.  This year was a different kind of project.  This year I began making birthday cakes for friends, family, and strangers.  The name we chose was the name Damon gave me on xBox live, Happy Cake Baker, because “making cakes makes Mom smile”.  I may not have had the opportunity to celebrate Clara’s birthday with her on earth but I do get to help other families celebrate fun special milestones.  The joy of seeing kids faces when they see their special cakes for the first time is priceless and reminds me how special each cake and each child is.  I never got the change to see that smile on Clara’s face but seeing others joy brings joy to me.  Thank you to those who have allowed me to bring joy to your home in memory of my little lady!


“Every day is a gift from God, that is why it is called the present.”




Tennis Racket Cake

I haven’t posted many pictures of my creations lately.  I thought it would be fun to share a graduation cake from last month just days before my gall bladder surgery.  I work best with a picture of what each person wants,  so you will see the image I used to create from and the cake I created.

Sample cake…

Cake I created..


The racket is modeled after the graduate’s actual racket brand and colors.


Cake Flop Redemption

The worst thing about making cakes is when a flop happens.  The cake doesn’t bake well, sticks to the pan, sticks to the cooling rack.  Today was one of those flop days.  Not only did the cake bottom stick to the pan but the cake top stuck to the cooling rack.  There was no getting it off the rack in 1 piece.

I have had many of these especially with one particular cake recipe.  Unfortunately it is the recipe that is eggless and is Lincoln’s favorite.  The mix is just too moist and sometimes I just don’t get it baked long enough or the humidity in the house is too high.

Flop after flop I find it harder and harder to throw out the cake.  What a waste!  This time I decided to try something to use the cake but not to make a “cake”.   Today I used a combo of vanilla pudding and whip topping mixed with my flop cake crumbles and topped with blueberries.

YUMMY!!  I much prefer strawberries or fresh blueberries but frozen was I had available so that is what we will eat.  I could sit and eat is all day and I feel better that I didn’t waste a bunch of spectacular cake.


The Poop Cake

~ The Poop Cake ~
Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

Complete with fondant toilet paper and flies.

Most boys will tell you the more disgusting the better when it comes to just about anything.  This boys cake I made fit the bill perfectly!!  It honestly made me want to vomit a couple of times but according to his parents the party goers were loving it.

The poop cake was one of my favorite cakes to decorate and super simple.
November 2012