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Capture Your Grief – 2016 – Day #18

Healing Therapies

Today I think the quote I placed on my image captures things better than my own words.  My healing has almost aways come in some for of expression.  Through the past few years, I have felt my healing therapies change. I think that is partially due to moving to another state. I do a little less with connecting with grieving families and more sharing with all. Today feel as though a lot of me healing things are found in this project and cakes.

With each blog post, there is a need to be open and honest.  Honest with myself and with others who read.  Each time I write, I am opening some of these wounds I have kept sealed all year.  There are often topics I have never or would never talk about and yet I find the courage to share them.  For me, it helps to be able to sit down and really dig into my heart for the message I want to share.  Somedays the words just pour out, other days it is a struggle but each year I look forward to 31 days dedicated to sharing a piece of me that would otherwise just be buried.

The second part of my healing happens in creating cakes. Cakes remind me of something I have missed or will miss in Clara’s life.  Sometimes that pill is easier to swallow than others.  I often feel like the are super healing because I can celebrate another life moving forward. The most healing for me is to meet these families and share in the delight when they see their cake.  That part will forever make my heart smile.



Capture Your Grief – 2016 – Day #17

Sacred Space

Today I took some time to look back through my previous years of this project.  My sacred space as evolved and changed as my grief has.  We have a special area in our home and pictures on the wall.  We have trees and plants and a cemetery space.  We have this lovely bench that we take pictures near each year.  It made me realize that my sacred space is really our home.

When I say home, I don’t mean the structure.  We have moved a couple of times since Clara passed.  When referred to as a structure I find that “home” isn’t sacred.  Her empty room was never sacred.  It was something that caused strife between myself and other family members.  It was a place where another baby took over.  When I refer to “home” I really mean this group of people that live together, love together, grieve together.

Our home has always been a safe place to talk about Clara.  It is a place to share reminders and celebrate birthdays.  One where we sometimes cry together.  We ask and answer questions about this baby girl.  Our home is where we don’t have to explain why we take our back-to-school pictures near this bench each year, we just know.  We grow together in our loss and change.  Our home is always growing.

Our home reminds me that we will always grow and change but nothing makes Clara’s life lost.  She is part of this sacred space in our hearts and home.