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Capture Your Grief – 2016 – Day #2

Who They Are

January 21, 09 – May 12, 09

Clara was born during a crazy time in our lives.  Newly married and fresh in the grief of losing my brother Clara was our bright light. We quickly became crazy picture takers because we felt that she completed our family and we were not going to grow our family anymore.  Like tourists we had the camera out almost every day and in even the tiniest of events.  Seven hundred pictures in 3.5 short months!  Each month we picked our favorite ones and created a collage.

 Today we have images of her smile, her frown, her crying face, and her with her brothers.  Those are the small moments that we captured that have turned out to be such big and treasured moments.  The hugs, the smiles, the frowns, and tears.  These moments are what made Clara’s life real and tangible.  They remind us of who she was.

Clara is our baby girl.  She will always be a little sister and a big sister.  She will always be a daughter and a granddaughter, a niece and cousin. Today she is one of our treasured memories.  She will forever be our smiley little babe who loved to listen to her daddy sing and read. We are grateful to have so many reminders of the little moments that mean so much to us now.