Daily Archives: October 1, 2016

Capture Your Grief – 2016 – Day #1


October is here and with it comes a month of openness about my loss.  This project is always one of growth and healing for me.  I both enjoy and fear this journey but I always know that in it I find great comfort.

As always Day #1 is about the sunrise.  Today is a dreary day with tons of clouds.  I wasn’t able to get an amazing sunrise picture but what I did capture is the essence of this project.  You see that tiny pink flower in the pot?  Tiny.  That is the first new flower that has risen from the leaves since our move to Iowa.  It is growth!  This plant is the last surviving one from Clara’s funeral.  I worried that after 2 years I may never see the lovely pink flowers again.  This week I was pleasantly surprised and humbly reminded that growth isn’t always quick.  Growth takes time just as healing does.

This project may not be for everyone today.  You may feel lost or overwhelmed.  You might be too early in your journey or feel the loss was too long ago to bring up.  Today just remember that it doesn’t matter how quickly you grow and heal but that you never stop working toward it.

Hugs from Iowa!